Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Time to figure it out.

Today we met again to go over the feedback we got yesterday at the mid-review and to decide how to proceed.

The core of the feedback was that we need to find our focus (which we already knew). We have to be ready with our objectives and a vision of our end product by the project clinic in two weeks.

We had a long discussion about our end product. Currently our vision is to produce something about
different participatory methods focusing on building the problem-solving atmosphere (such as hackathons) rather than implementing solutions. This something would be a tool primarily aimed at ASSCODECHA's activists, as they call them, to support them when they plan their projects.

The final format is not yet clear, but we all agree that the format plays an important role. Possibly we'll make a package of a report, a booklet, videos, and a website or a wiki.

We'll meet on Friday at 4pm at Design Factory to workshop and figure everything out. 

What a journey!

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