Thursday, 8 May 2014

Final presentation comes close

Last week we had a meeting with Taksvärkki to present the overall project and get feedback on our end products. Our final products will be translated to portuguese during the summer and will be then delivered to ASSCODECHA during the fall 2014 when a new volunteer from Taksvärkki will travel to Maputo. The products have already been sent to ASSCODECHA via email for feedack. Waiting for answers...

Our final products are :
- an ABC guide to community based problem solving which includes different activities with different level of difficulties to encourage and create positive problem-solving atmosphere in the community
- a Hackathon map that would be visually attractive and display a step-by-step approach to organize a community hackathon.

During the meeting with Taksvärkki, we were advised to emphasize more the complicated activities in the ABC-guide as well as giving details examples linked to sanitation.

The previous week-end was quite intensive work time in order to prepare the report draft and product drafts for Monday. There is still work to do before the final presentation and final delivery of the report and product drafts. More illustrations need to be thought through and drawn before the map and guide can be ready. We met with our mentor yesterday Wednesday for our traditional breakfast at Calori and already got feedback for the report draft.

Tomorrow evening, we will start preparing for the presentation and continue correcting the report as well as updating the products. For Monday, we would like to include the audience in the presentation and utilize one of the activities from the ABC-guide.

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